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Thursday, March 28, 2013

ABIA Supports Industry Effort to Secure .Insurance Domain

In order to secure top-level domains, commonly referred to as gTLDs, the ABA and The Financial Services Roundtable formed fTLD Registry Services, LLC (fTLD) in 2011. On May 24, 2012, fTLD submitted community applications to ICANN to operate the .bank and .insurance gTLDs. ABIA endorsed fTLD applications for gTLDs such as .bank and .insurance so that these important domain names are secured for use by the industry.

This week, ICANN created a new Trademark Clearinghouse to help protect trademark and name owners as new generic top-level domains are rolled out. The new clearinghouse, which began accepting registrations this week, will verify trademark data and maintain a database with the verified records. The verified data will be used to support “sunrise services,” which all new gTLD registries are required to provide and which give trademark holders a 30-day advance period to register domain names corresponding to their marks before the names are made available to the public.

ICANN encourages intellectual property rights holders to make use of the clearinghouse in order to maximize protection.

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