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Monday, February 10, 2014

LPI Webinar: Track Insurance or Blanket the Portfolio: Which Is Right for You?

Not able to attend ABIA's Washington Forum on February 26th? Then participate in ABA's free webinar on Lender-Placed Insurance (LPI) to learn more about new requirements on LPI policies.

CFPB requirements to quote premium for lender-placed insurance policies on notification letters sent to the borrower went into effect January 10th of this year. This change has lead many banks to examine how they are handling insurance lapses on collateralized loans.

The question of whether to track insurance on individual loans or blanket the entire portfolio has become a hot topic and left many wondering how they can determine which option is in the best interest of their institution. In this webinar, we’ll examine both options in detail and discuss the management and benefits of each. We’ll walk through scenarios using various portfolio sizes and characteristics to help attendees understand exactly what there is to consider when making the blanket vs. tracking decision.

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