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Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Session Added at the ABIA Annual Conference: Cybersecurity

At this year's ABIA Annual conference, attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn about cybersecurity in the bank-insurance industry.

Cybersecurity: What Keeps You Up at Night
An overview of the current cyber threats, .BANK and INSURANCE, a perspective on the industry, third-party risk management and the importance of customer education.
In addition to learning about Cybersecurity, attendees at ABIA's 2014 conference will benefit from valuable networking opportunities, expert speakers and practical insights on:
  • The latest products and trends
  • Ways to diversify your revenue stream and generate recurring fee income
  • Starting, growing and maintaining a successful bank-insurance business
  • Regulatory, compliance and legislative developments
Register today to learn about the latest industry developments affecting your business at the ABIA Annual Conference, the only national event devoted exclusively to the issues and concerns of the bank-insurance industry.