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Friday, August 15, 2014

CFPB Updates Reg Z Dollar Thresholds

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today announced 2015 increases in dollar thresholds for several Regulation Z provisions governed by the CARD Act, the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank Act.

For credit cards, the penalty fees safe harbor will be set to $27 for a first late payment and $38 for each subsequent late payment within six months. The minimum interest charge disclosure threshold will remain unchanged. The HOEPA loan threshold will be $20,391 and the HOEPA fee trigger will be $1,020.

For Qualified Mortgages, points and fees cannot exceed 3 percent of loans of $101,953 or more; $3,059 for loans between $61,172 and $101,953; 5 percent of loans between $20,391 and $61,172; $1,020 for loans between $12,744 and $20,391; and 8 percent of loans of less than $12,744.

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