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Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to Take Your Agency's Company Culture from Stagnant to Stellar

By Guy Weismantel, Vice President of Marketing at Vertafore

For any great insurance agency, it's imperative that you cultivate a positive company culture.

A Quick Self-Test

Did you know that 15% of insurance agencies don't have a strategy for employee engagement and retention? Another 13% have a strategy, but it's outdated and doesn't work well for the modern workforce. About 35% of insurance agencies have changed their strategy within the past 18 months, and another 37% are working on updating their employee retention and engagement strategies right now. So what does all this mean? Well, where does your company fall in that breakdown?

Learn more about where you fall, and how to build on your current strategic efforts.

The Software Scenario

Outdated software is one of the primary pains in the workforce. Our 2016 Hanover Research survey discovered that software has an impact on job satisfaction in the insurance industry. Agencies who use modern agency management systems reported higher satisfaction levels and an improved ability to multitask.

Learn more about the costs and benefits of upgrading software platforms.

From Stagnant to Stellar - Six Steps
  1. Process planning
  2. Employee relations
  3. Recruiting and selection
  4. Training and development
  5. Performance management and compensation
  6. Strategic support
Learn more about the six steps to take your agency from stagnant to stellar.

For best practices and detailed research about how you can foster a positive company culture, download Vertafore's free e-book: Managing Your Workforce in the Digital Era: Strategies and solutions for maximizing employee performance and engagement.

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