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Thursday, November 10, 2016

ABA Analyzes What GOP Congress, Trump Victory Means for Bankers

As reported in a special edition of Newsbytes yesterday, ABA’s government relations team has prepared an analysis of how Donald Trump’s presidential win and the continuing Republican majorities in Congress will affect the banking industry. The analysis reviews the likely impact on such key issues as Dodd-Frank regulatory fixes, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, overall regulatory burden and GSE reform.

ABA noted that comprehensive regulatory relief initiatives that previously failed could be revived in the upcoming legislative session, as could efforts to restructure the CFPB and pursue other changes to Dodd-Frank Act rules. Due to a lack of clear and detailed banking-related proposals from the Trump campaign, the outlook from the administration for financial services is less certain, although Trump has expressed support for overhauling Dodd-Frank and said that small banks are especially being harmed by regulatory burden.

To learn how the new Congress' actions and the new administration will influence banking's future, ABA strongly encourages bankers to plan to attend the 2017 ABA Government Relations Summit, to be held March 20-22 in Washington, D.C. The conference offers bankers the opportunity to hear detailed briefings from Washington insiders and express their views to policymakers on key issues. Registration is free.

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